Aim Higher This Valentine’s

It’s almost here!!!

That wonderful day smack dab between the 17 days you almost actually stuck to your New Year’s resolutions and St. Patrick’s Day, when you totally forget about resolutions.

(17 days? Hey, that’s a new record for most people!)

But before you go diving mouth-first into a heart shaped box of chocolates, let’s talk about how much you’re NOT going to blow it this year. Let’s talk about the true sentiment of Valentine’s Day.

It is not about overpriced roses. Or about a flying diaper baby with weaponry slung around its wee little chest. It is definitely not about mowing down everything but the hard nougaty pieces in that should-have-been-shared 10 lb. chocolate candy heart over the course of only 3 days.

Nuh-uh, definitely not about that! (* looks around sheepishly *)

At the heart of the matter, Valentine’s Day is about love. Yes it’s corny … but it’s good corny.

So, what happens if your love story ends like the one in Titanic? Perhaps things don’t get quite so dramatic, but hear me out. What if you finally give in and even eat the hard nougaty pieces from that candy heart and all that difficult chewing makes your ticker stop ticking?

Are you prepared?

It may be heartbreaking, but will your love continue to show when you’re no longer around to buy candy hearts?

Don’t blow your dough on chocolate. Make a plan.

Make sure your loved ones know how to access all of your online assets, and all those accounts where you only get emailed statements. Make sure they can find the key to the riding mower and are aware of your funeral plans. Leave them a love note. Offer a post-mortem toast.

Because what good were all those candy hearts if you leave loved ones totally lost if you’re suddenly called to join that cherubic chorus of heavenly arrow slingers?

Get it done. Don’t put it off. Use this holiday as your impetus to prove your love in a genuine and critical way. It may not be a traditional gift, but it’s way more valuable and comes without cavities and weight gain. Give your loved ones peace of mind.

Candy may be dandy, but preparing for your impending demise is even sweeter.

Now, if you want to make it really easy on yourself, go check out Estate Map at It’s a simple online place to securely store information that gets shared with others when you die. Let’s see Cupid compete with that! If you want to do your heart and your wallet some good, get registered by the end of February and the promo code “SWEETIE” will get you 14% off your first year.

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