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When you’re not ready for your own General Counsel but need broad expertise and advice, J. F. Henderson Law will work to understand your needs in confidential collaboration and will find a way to work within the means of your business.

J. F. Henderson Law can provide your business with the kind of efficient, practical, economical and high quality legal advice you need to enable you to keep your entire focus on the success of your business. We work together to determine the best way to get you the advice you need in the most cost-effective manner. J. F. Henderson Law strives to help you understand and anticipate costs before you commit.

Serving as “outside in-house counsel” to a broad range of business clients, you can count on J. F. Henderson Law to be there the same way as any larger company would their own in-house counsel – calling with questions as they arise in your workday, inviting J. F. Henderson Law to join important decision-making meetings as needed, and asking for general operations and planning advice.

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