J. F. Henderson Law can help you create an estate plan through the use of Wills, Living Trusts, Health Care Directives (Living Wills) and assigned Powers of Attorney, and can ensure that your estate plan reflects your priorities and values.

The term “estate” simply refers to everything you own and everything you owe during your life or at the time of your death. (It is not another term for “mansion” as many people believe.) An estate plan is therefore a legal arrangement to decide how those things will be handled.

Estate plans are most commonly accomplished by one or more of the following tools: wills, trusts, gifts made during life, or a combination of these. Estate planning also logically includes the use of tools that direct appropriate management of one’s health and personal finances in the event of incapacity through various powers of attorney (commonly referred to as a Health Care Directive and a Power of Attorney).

When considered more broadly, estate planning may include services not offered by J. F. Henderson Law including life insurance, burial plans, personal financial planning, and other non-legal tools. If you need any of these, you can count on a friendly referral to a good service provider.

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